Offered services:

  • Performance and validation of expert evaluations (inspections) of industrial chimneys, cooling towers, masts, bridges, pipelines; preparation of project-estimative documentation for repair work
  • Restoration and overbuilding of radial chimney brickwork and liner
  • Dismantling / demolition (emergency elimination in dense development)
  • Chimney steel appurtenance design, fabrication, installation – platforms, tension bands, protection caps, access ladders, lightning protection systems
  • Assembly of systems of aviation obstruction lighting and emissions control, automation systems, antennas
  • Renewing and assembly of metal constructions
  • Anticorrosive treatment of chimneys-stacks and metal constructions
  • Thermal insulation of pipes, chimneys, oil refinery facilities
  • Cleaning of the inner surface of chimney-stack from depositions of combustion products
  • Dropped objects prevention


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